lundi 27 août 2007

Focus Radioshow n°62

Here we are!!! the new Radioshow, this one special, it's only about the music I listened this summer, some mellow and easy atmosphere, music from the 70", It's more a vibes than a mix I think...I hope you enjoy....

Only Download here:

Focus n°62 Good bye Summer:
1- Tito Puente- Call Of The Jungles Birds
2- Antonia Carlos Jobim- A Felicidade
3- Angelillo and Hamel- Je veux te Dire Une Chanson
4- Peter Jacques- G How Nice
5- Lynn Christopher- Take me With You
6- Francis Coppeters- sales Talk
7- Les Mc Cann- Go On And Try
8- Eddie Kendricks- People Hold On
9- Triste Janero- Today It's You
10- Aroldo Santos- Batidode Limao
11- The Incredible Strin Band- The Yellow Snake
12- Fifty Foot Hose- If Not This Time
13- Gina X Experience- Hypnosis Hypnotize
14- Giogio Moroder- Fligh To High Intrumental Version
15- David Axelrod- The Warnings
16- Don Blackman- Holding You Loving You
17- The Poppu Familly- There's No Blood In Bones
18- Daniel Janin- Sand And Rain

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