mardi 4 décembre 2007

Focus Radioshow N°68

Yop Yop,

This week we're back with the floky nuggets, only 60" and 70" Flavours...I hope you'll enjoy!!!


Focus n°68

1-Minne Singers- Summer Breeze
2- Emerald Web- Flight To The Heaven
3- Sound Piper- Say Hi
4- The Battles Of The Band- Burning Spear
5- The Lovelites- I love You (Yes I do)
6- Steve O Haresand- Island Band
7- Santo And Johnny- Summertime
8- Rodriguez- Sugarman
9- Richard Powell- In the Morning
10- Alexis Korner and CSS- Sunrise
11- Loving Cup- Feel Like Making Love
12- Cactus Rise Band- Dancin In The Moonlight
13- Beaumont School- A Sometime Rain
14- Michelle- When I met You Dear
15- Paul Parrish- Dialogue Of Wind And Lover
16- Woody Simmons- Grey Today
17- Jackie and Roy- Didn't Have To Do It
18- Carrie Cleveland- Make Love To Me

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