samedi 2 février 2008

Focus Radioshow n°71 with MVDR

Astro Lab Radioshow is back, this week the first part is more moustache and guitar oriented, then we've a special guest mix by Miss Van Der Rohe called Om Disco Om !!!
Next week beats are back with a mix by Photonz (D-I-R-T-Y/ Lisboa)
Special thanks to Dim and J, Zukie, and of course MVDR

Please note the new PILOOSKI 7'inch will be out in February, one side, coloured, really limited to 300 copies !!!

Enjoy the Week end

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FOCUS N°71 with Miss Van Der Rohe

Part 1:

1- Eden Ahbez- Full Moon (Lau Cut+Intro)
2- Break
3- Tom Scoot And The California Dreamers- Today
4- Alessi Brothers- Sea Birds
5- Exuma Obeha- Man Returns
5- Spring- Fall In Love
6- Bob Dylan- Lady Lady Lay
7- Terry Durham- Christal Telephone
8- Rodriguez- Sugar Man
9- Rober Wyatt- Awol
10- Rob Hindle- Improvisation
11- American Spring- Forvever
12- Nora Dean- Peace Beggon Without

2 Part:


3 commentaires:

thebeathunters a dit…

hey guys and miss

playlist of n°71 lacks gordon lightfoot/beautiful around the "8 mark, you cheaters!
as i'm getting addicted to your sound is there a chance to grab the previous shows, pre-71?
love from the heart

miss van der rohe a dit…

Dear Hunter
I am afraid it will not be possible to upload all shows onto our podcast's server... that'll mean loads of work and time which we can afford at the moment.
Stay tuned and subscribe to the podcast, your comments are highly appreciated!

miss van der rohe a dit…

btw: i love D. Hockney's splash too.


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