mercredi 26 mars 2008


Here is the new selection, after some uptempo flavors, this one is more soul and old school affair, some classics..Spring is "more or less" back!!


1- Picchio Dal Pozzo- La Bolla
2- Bill Faye Group- Strange Stair Way
3- Spring- Forever
4- Kevin Coye- White Horse
5- Lau- Break
6- Trifle- new Religion
7- Promise- I’am not Ready For Love
8- Kool Blues- Can We Try To Love Again
9- Bill Moss- I am Gonna Keep On Loving You
10- Kalidrons- To Love Someone
11- Triads- If you’re Looking For Love
12- Dynamie Tints- Package Of Love
13- Marion Blacks- Who Knows
14- Eight Minutes- Here’s Some Dances
15- 3 Stars- Jersey Slide
16- Mist- Life Walkin Out
17- Four Mints- Row My Boat
18- Break By Lau
19- The Gaturs- Concentrate
20- Johan Vavare- Tango
21- Vanguard Singers- Unknow
22- Break By Lau

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1 commentaire:

thebeathunters a dit…

too bad the mix crashes mysteriously at 1'04"...


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