jeudi 27 novembre 2008

Holy Fuck Great !

Without rehearsing or arranging parts prior to hitting the stage, Holy Fuck wrote the songs from their album, LP, live on tour. Each time they'd return from tour they'd check into a studio and cathartically capture the energy of the live show, recording the songs that had now taken shape. The only problem was they had too much material. A couple of unfortunate computer hard drive crashes later a good chunk of the material was lost. Maybe this was a good thing as it brought to light recording sessions that would have been otherwise overlooked, like the live satellite radio recording on Verge XM, or “Super Inuit”, taken from a live recording made while on tour with !!!.

Drawing from different recording sessions, even with different members, the new album maintains a unique feel from song to song. While the material was recorded for the most part in a studio environment, Holy Fuck recorded it live, as if on stage. Therefore the songs still breathe a live frenetic energy. The final sheen of the studio feel may come largely from the mixing hands of both Eli Janney (Girls Against Boys) and Dave Newfeld (Broken Social Scene).

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