dimanche 18 janvier 2009


Sorry I was busy.
Finally here are the a-ma-zing mixes of the Sorry Entertainers

Part 1 - Prescillia mix
Part 2 -Dancing with the devil's wife"

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Sorry no playlist.

I am taking advantage of this post to announce that we'll have some "we-don't-know-the-name-yet" release, soon on astrolab, it is a project still searching for a name, of Marteen & Lotti, our friend from Berlin which is also part of the Sorry entertainers together with Marco.
Did you get me?
anyways this will come with a remix of Pilooski on the B side... can't wait!

The sorry entertainers space

2 commentaires:

Luz a dit…

hee..Great show!
i would love to get a tracklist!!

Doctor a dit…

Fantastic - I'd also love a tracklist! Nice work.


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