lundi 20 avril 2009


Hello there,

Soorry for the delay, busy period, this week show is by SHIT ROBOT, amazing uptempo mix recorded last February. Please note SHIT ROBOT just finished the ZNTN "Way Back Home" remix for ASTRO LAB, the EP will be out before summer (I hope). New EP will be out on DFA in July with wicked remix by Todd Terje too.
Sorry no playlist but great uptempo flavors with Rub'n Tug, Hercules Love affair, Golden Bug and more edits...
People in South Of France, Shit Robot will be our guest at the ASTRO LAB NIGHT in Marseille 9th Of May...Comeeee

Download to the SHIT ROBOT mix Here

4 commentaires:

itsallrubishzntn a dit…

shit robot is the shit (ha!)

astrolabrecordings a dit…

The real one:)

jacques mayol a dit…

a playlist would be great. or just the last track. Please!
great great mix!

astrolabrecordings a dit…

The last track is Marc Romboy Atlas, playlist will be post pretty soon anyway!!


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