dimanche 12 juillet 2009


Hello There,

Sunny day, sunny mix, uptempo new and unreleased tracks..No words just sunshine music.

Download to The Show Here.

Playlist N°101

1- Huh-Unknow (Holy Ghost Remix)
2- The Units- High Pressure (Headman Remix)
3- Headman- Dreampieces (Zongamin Remix)
4- Sirius Mo- Night Off
5- Ark- Be My Baby
6- Sygaire- The Time Is Now (Shur I Kan Remix)
7- Dirt Crew- Parade
8- Who Made Who- Keep Me (Dj Koze Remix)
9- Bodycode- Imitation Lovers
10- Tony Lionni- Found A Place

Here are some recent pix from the BBJ party in Paris with the Cage&Aviary..

2 commentaires:

miss van der rohe a dit…

m'enfin lau, on veut voir les artistes, pas les groupies.

astrolabrecordings a dit…

Les Groupies c'est la VIE:)


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