mercredi 5 août 2009

From Lisbon with LOVE - episode I

Hi guys!

I'm Marco from Photonz and for all of you readers of this superb blog I must bring in the news: we are now making contributions to Astrolab's blog and that makes us all hot and fuzzy inside.

We will start this thing by presenting here a selection of mixtapes put together by some of our favorite portuguese DJ's. These music lovers are not the glamorous, artsy fartsy lifestyled DJ's of Lisbon's biggest clubs - not yet anyway. This is the underground. People with day jobs and an undying love for music, reacting to an urge to share and connect great records for the pleasure of all.

They belong to the unregulated world of small, smoky and often under-equiped Lisbon bars and small clubs, making sessions guided by an honest intuition and no rulebook. Quite often they are the ones finding new possibilities and remaining in the shadow when everyone finds a way to market the new trend. It's a pure labour of love.

Having said all that it is important to say this is not a public service and our choice of DJ's will be ABSOLUTELLY subjective - just as much as when we choose the music we play.

The first mixtape is from DJ B.R.O.S.

He comes from Almada, near Lisbon, just across the Tagus (Tejo) river). This is the city where we had our first dj gigs circa 2003 in a bar called Gaveto, where DJ B.R.O.S. also played. He has been playing in Lisbon and Almada for quite some time and currently runs some residencies in small but charismatic venues with excelent music and guests like Tiago (Slight Delay/Tiago & Kaos/Rong/Italians Do It Better, etc..), Major (Major Eléctrico, ZONK, Flur), Trol2000 and others.

B.R.O.S. "Forbidden Disco" mixtape:


1- les ambassadeurs - barry grey

2- new muzik - 24 hours from culture(12 inch)

3- gazebo - master piece (instrumental remix)

4- serge gainsbourg - love on the beat (12 remix)

5- phil collins - i..m not moving (idjut boys edit)

6- supermax - supermax

7- temper - no favors (dub)

8- gordons war - the rock is gonna get you (re-edit)

9- giorgio moroder - i wanna funk with you tonight (h8mv edit)

10- lipps inc - how long

11- larry carlton - hill street blues theme

bringing you more soon..


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boom been hearing that theme song and the phil collins edits being rocked a lot.

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photonz a dit…

Women respond to BROS


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