vendredi 18 septembre 2009


Hello There,

Crazy week, here is the new radioshow recorded live last Friday night, sorry the mix quality..Clubby oriented..

Download to the show Here.

1- Jamie Jones- Summertime
2- Steve Bug- Swall oved too much bass
3- Dakar- I ve Got That Feeling
4- Eric D Clark- The Dj Song "Move D Remix"
5- Dj T- Shine On "Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix"
6- Moda- Retro Grade
7- Armand Van Helden- Nyc Beat "Prince Language Remix"
8- Wild Beasts- Dancing On Your Tongue
9- Peaches- Lose You "Matt Walsh Remix"
10- Seth Troxler & Matthew Dear- Hurt

Enjoy the week end.

Pix by Me Tribecca Grand NYC.

5 commentaires:

thebeathunters a dit…

well, maybe i'll sound just like an old fart (how about that?)
but in some ways, this clubbish mix lacks that irresistible and incomparable "astrolab touch"...
and please don't get mad, you know exactly what i mean!
but it sur has its moments though
keep on groovin'

miss van der rohe a dit…

please can you deepen your thought and developp the"astrolab touch" concept?
Thanks anyways, we always appreciate old farts comments :)
ps: and wait for #105... will rock as always

thebeathunters a dit…

dear miss,
hum, i can't describe the astrolab touch... it's not just a groove, more like a feeling of musical surprise and sophistication you guys usually reach inconsciously. i must confess that since my comment and after numerous listenings,the show finally grew on me joyfully!

i think the expected 4/4 beats from the very start tend to make it sound like another obvious club mix-then it gets better and better
especially the firt 20'

some kind of weird/signature intro or more slowly build-up grooves would probably have sold it to me from the very start
thanks anyway for a great show

itsallrubishzntn a dit…

I supposed that being a live set you can't really start off wherever you'd like to and Laurent opted for continuity evolving to his own style later own - making it a bit more astrolab.

Tim a dit…

I think ASTRO shows are greats everytime..They're always open minded and eclectic..This is music..Peace


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