mardi 17 novembre 2009

Passarella Death Squad "Those Are Sirens (Photonz Remix)"


Our dear friends and all round AMAZING act Passarella Death Squad just released their "Those Are Sirens" 12inch on a label very dear to us also: The Republic of Desire. It was co-produced by Tim Holmes from Death In Vegas (!!! one of our biggest influences EVER) and it contains a PHOTONZ remix.



DJ HELL (Gigolo): "good work !!! the photonz rmx will be the one for me !"

TROY PIERCE (M_nus): "love the original and the photonz remix is sick"

CHLOE (Kill The DJ): "will play the remix"

MATT WALSH (Turbo): "photonz are good friends of mine, this remix is amazing!!"

SEVERINO PANZETTA (Horse Meat Disco): "Great her voice..Photonz rmx is great...thank u"

SEI A: "Photonz rmx for me here."

DAVE MARTIN (Technique/Immigrant): "Cool stuff, Photonz great as ever! DxM"


marco (photonz)

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great remix and great artwork!!

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